Anne Therese Gullberg

Partner and senior advisor at Kruse Larsen.

Anne Therese has a unique background, with extensive experience from politics, research and media. At Kruse Larsen she is especially focused on clients within sustainability, energy and climate change.

Anne Therese has a doctorate in political science from the University of Oslo and has worked for 13 years as a researcher at CICERO Center for International Climate Research and guest research fellow at Potsdam Institute for Climate Research and at Free University Berlin. 

She has been an elected politician and representative and has held a number of positions in the Labour Party and Labour Party Youth (AUF) spanning back to 1993, and worked for two years as a political advisor within energy, environment and finance in the Labour Party’s parliamentary group.

In Kruse Larsen she assists clients with restructuring, change communication, analysis, insight and change management.