Webinar: The Norwegian election: Implications for energy policy

A new red-green government is now about to negotiate the new governmental platform. The new governmental parties are divided with regard to energy cooperation between Norway and Europe.  

This month, both Germany and Norway are electing new parliaments for their respective countries. Norway elected a new red-green government on September 13, and after sixteen years with Angela Merkel Germany is also going to see a change in leadership in a few weeks. What does this mean for German and Norwegian energy policy and what are the implications in the European context? 
Together with the German-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce and Thema Consulting we invite to a webinar about the energy transition and energy policy after the German and Norwegian elections on September 28th, 09.00-10.00.  
Partner at Kruse Larsen, Anne Therese Gullberg, shares our analysis of future energy policy in Norway. What can we expect from the new red-green government on important topics such as oil, gas, hydropower, wind power, hydrogen, carbon capture and storage and new interconnections between Norway and UK/continental Europa are most likely part of the negotiations? 
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